Friday, January 22, 2010

We Are What We Want To Be

"Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions."
Stephen R. Covey


  1. Is it free will?
    Is it determinism?

    We have to decide.

    We (if not Wolf Singer)

  2. @Michael: If this is realy what you believe, you can´t get further...

  3. @ epitimaios:
    Everybody who has been reflecting about that issue (free will or determinism) has made a decision and becomes a supporter of either this or that. So, even if his opinion is changing during his lifetime, it is a decision-making that rules his thinking and subsequently his behaviour. Right or not?

  4. @cs

    I agree completely.

    And I believe, the more we believe in determinism, the more our mirror neurons will get us victims of determination.
    The more we believe in free will, the more our will will be free.

    I therefore approve Corvey's pragmatic approach:

    Yet there is obviously a limit for free will. In the jewish religion Free Will is like a dogma, but noone knows better its limit than the jewish people do.

    We can decide. But we must also decide.

    I think Wolf Singer's, Gerhard Roth's and Wolfgang Prinz's approach leads to a vicious circle, like a dog trying to bite its tail.

    In front of a question a german scientist likes to start with a concept of order, an american scientist with the definition of a problem and a jewish scientist with a paradox.

  5. I think our behavior is a combination between a function of our decisions AND our conditions. And if we overcome both, we can reach goals, that seemed to be unreachable before...