Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's Listen To Emerson


  1. Z+Z: Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

  2. This Emerson must be Ralph Waldo, because the quote is an example of pragmatic optimism and exhortation to live without useless ballast, which describes well the spirit blowing in the WASP comunity of once. One of Emerson's faithful readers was Charles Ives who on sundays played the organ in the church and on weekdays worked in the office of an insurance company. His hobby was composing music. In Ives' work there is the same optimistic, affirmative, pragmatic freshness as in Emerson's. Nevertheless, Ives is the american Schönberg. An optimistic Schönberg!! Can you imagine?

    Be careful when you follow Emerson's teachings. Emerson was probably well aware that too much of his wisdom can lead to a certain lonelyness: he said: "Common sense is as rare as is genious."

    Don't throw too much ballast, if you want to remain well grounded.

  3. On the black ground these incouraging words so white...

    It is mysterious how consoling stars can be

  4. @ epitimaios

    “Don't throw too much ballast, if you want to remain well grounded.”

    Excellent remark on emerson´s daily clearance!