Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Art vs. Fashion

“I’ve reached an age where I’m two generations past when I was considered avant-garde. I went right from avant-garde to being old hat in five minutes, and you start to feel superannuated. With every new generation, popular art changes. Already there’s a generation that thinks the Beatles are old-fashioned, which I find screamingly funny. The same thing is true of plays and musicals. People need things loud and fast. That’s one of the things that I like about ‘Little Night Music.’ The musical says: Slow down. Slow down and think.Chills go up my spine whenever I hear someone say that a certain musical form is timely or relevant. For me the goal has always been telling a strong, clear story, not being in vogue, and balancing music and lyrics so that orchestrations never overwhelm the story and its words. Too many musicals today lose that.”
Stephen Sondheim


  1. Have a look into my world: In nowaday´s business a fast change of habits and style is en vogue. Every year a new management technique. While approved methods and useful ways are nothing but old hats. “Slow down, slow down”, that´s what I tell the youngsters around me.
    I feel proud of my age´s wisdom, others only see calcification of my brain. For us who passed the sixties two things shouldn´t been neglected: To remind ourselves as being youngsters and to leave open some doors for new generation´s “stuff”. If not, even Stephen Sondheim would never meet his successor.

  2. I do not think, that People need things loud and fast. Maybe it makes them forget their problems for a few hours. But if if their souls get touched by a story and balancing music and lyrics and their emotions get set free, they will love it much more, I am sure.