Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Honor System

According to a British study, people's honesty depends. In offices with an honor system for coffee, employees are more likely to pay on days when a photograph of human eyes is discreetly posted above the coffee machine. They are more prone to cheat if a still life of daisies is posted there instead - even if they say they are unaware of either picture.


  1. Personally honesty and trust very important for me.

  2. I don't remember what to write, and batman is still fixing me. What does that mean?

  3. At the coffe machine.
    Ha, Big Brother is watching me!
    It is only 50 cent, but if I don´t put it into the slot I am going to lay all my cards on the table, it shows what I really am: a thief, a liar, a prospective safecracker.
    10 seconds later.
    Ha, it´s not the year 1984. It´s now. I am not a coward. Free coffee tastes better.
    But who was that pig, putting these eyes on the coffee machine? What does he think of me? Did he observe me, last time? Bugger! Fuck! I saw him whispering with the boss. Tomorrow I will spy when he is taking a coffee.
    Next day.
    Where is big brother? Someone stripped the eyes from the machine. They can´t bear being observed. What a poor character. I don´t need big brother´s observation to put the money into the slot. Here we go.

  4. Thanks to cs I don't see Batman any more observing me from beyond the screen border. Now I remember, there are butterflies which have on every wing a gaudy spot. The two spots are similar to a pair of eyes, and at least the insectivorous birds are disincouraged by this eye image. Maybe english coffeedrinkers descend from birds, and tea drinkers from Charles Darwin.