Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Advice

"If you want to achieve something, if you want to write a book etc., be sure that the center of your existence is somewhere else and that it’s solidly grounded; only then will you be able to keep your cool and laugh at the attacks that are bound to come.”
Moss Hart


  1. Yes, thats true. The best way I think, to let the characters let their storys "themselves".

  2. "Most parents want their children to choose a "decent" profession. They shall become lawyers, accountants or software engineers, even if they'd rather write stories, compose songs or paint pictures."

    Moss Hart tells us why parents are that farsighted.

  3. Moss Hart wrote the screenplay of „A star is borne“ and his vita shows that there was no solidly grounded basis when he became a star himself.

  4. @cs

    Very funny, isn't? Did he have children later? He probably started to insist on solidly grounded basises, when he became father or when his friends started to have children, and may be he himself had much trouble before having success. Talentful artists often are oversensitive and MUST write, even if they are in precarious conditions. Success is often luck, since great talent can be there, but without an opportunity to blossom or to lead somewhere. But those who have success, later remember how dangerous their stubbornness was.