Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crisis? What Crisis?

A bluefin tuna fetched 16.3 million yen ($177,000) in an auction Tuesday at the world's largest wholesale fish market in Japan. The 513-pound (233-kilogram) fish was the priciest since 2001 when a 440-pound (200 kilogram) tuna sold for a record 20.2 million yen ($220,000) at Tokyo's Tsukiji market. Caught off the coast of northern Japan, the big tuna was among 570 put up for auction Tuesday. About 40 percent of the auctioned fish came from abroad, including from Indonesia and Mexico.


  1. The year 2030. A man enters a shop and asks for fresh fish. “We had some pickled” answers the salesman,” but yesterday we sold the last can of herring being fished 10 years ago.”

  2. What makes this fish that expensive???

    Is there someone who can explain me?

    Chef Keem! Art thou with me?

  3. What makes bluefin tuna so expensive? Greed, stupidity, the need for excessive luxury.

    Although a superb sashimi fish, the principle of supply and demand has driven the bluefin price completely out of proportion. In fact, the price will probably increase until there's no more bluefin tuna left due to extinction by overfishing.

    One Japanese fish market insider declared the recent record catch not worthy its price tag. Wow! Thanks for that insight, Sir!

    I guess if you have everything you could possibly need and billions in your bank account, the only thrills can come from destroying nature, starting wars, or acting like a complete idiot.

    I love my perfectly cooked tilapia. :-)