Monday, January 18, 2010

An Artist's Prayer

"Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish."
Michelangelo (1475-1564)


  1. In art the gap between mind and technology hasn´t been reduced essentially since Michelangelo. In music sometimes you may think, it has been increased. Back to unplugged!

  2. @cs

    Yes, and the gap between tecnique and tecnology is getting filled with a certain kind of mind.

    Michelangelos quote sounds quite ironic if you put it into the mouth of a sculptor without skill.

    Modigliani did some sculptures too. In 1984 one searched in the Medici canal in Livorno for some of this scuptures, because for some reasons (remarks in letters or diaries, or other rumour) the idea that Modigliani had thrown them into the canal was considered plausible.

    A group of students fabricated in half an hour 4 sculptures with a Black&Decker drill and threw them by night into the canal.

    This little story is important and worth telling, because when the sculptures then were found, the most part of Italy's most reputable art historians - like for example Giulio Carlo Argan - confirmed that they were authentic works of Modigliani.

    The students proved with a video tape that and how they had made the sculptures. Nevertheless, the curator of Modigliani's works - who in the meantime had put her hand on the found - brought an action against the students.

    Try and make a Michelangelo fake in half an hour with a drill...

    Isn't it surprising that Italy is till remaining the country of true art, yet through joke, fake and prank?

    Consider that falsification in Italy flourishes not only when skill is unnecessary, but also when great skill is needed!! Some works of the Renaissance or from the etruscan, roman and greek epoche we admire in the museums of the world a certainly productions Made in Italy of the 20. century.

  3. If we fulfilled a desire, usually our experience increases. Therefore we natually desire more wie can accomplish.