Sunday, January 16, 2011


On a sunny California day in 1994, director Steven Spielberg was whizzing through the lot of the Universal Studios. His sports car hit a speed bump and he banged his head. He did not stop nor did he complain, but somebody must have watched the incident. By the next morning, all the speed bumps on the lot had been removed.


  1. I would like to know some more details about this potentially significant "that's the way it is"-story before writing a comment.

  2. Special treatment for a money making genius who must by no means be angered.

  3. Connotation to Spielberg and Chaser (the good dog):
    Dog owners should teach their animal (apart from “sit” and “down” and - important: - “attack!” ) one more word: “vip!”
    If you meet somebody who pretends being a VIP, give this order to your dog. If your friend takes this order and waggles you know that your vis-à-vis is a VIP (or an animal´s friend, what is the same).

  4. Thank you very much.

    Amazing. My first thaught was "This is the way things are, were and will be. This is just the normality of exceptionality". But there is something exceptional even about exceptionality, because only very seldomly things show to be thus with such bold evidence, apparently leaving no more space to hypocrisy.

    What has happened at the Universl Studios could happen anywhere? Yes. But outside of the USA it is even more unlikely to happen, or rather its sense would shift to further meanings if it happened in Russia, Cina, India, Malaysia. What about Italy? The catholic mentality, even of non catholic italian citizens, is very reluctant to show cringing attention which might appear addressed to mere money, and this is not only hypocrisy but also a kind of rudimental awe. And since 1968 in Italy has lasted at least 10 years a "Whip the VIP"-mentality is more diffused than you might think considering Berlusconi's success. In Italy only a boss of the Mafia could earn so much canine considering. But he would forbid such a striking evidence of his potential presence.