Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Emilio Estevez, a successful screenwriter, owns a small estate in Malibu. In 2005 he started planting the front yard with vines. His parents, Martin and Janet Sheen, protested: "Son, you're out of your mind". By now Mr. Estevez produces not only screenplays, but about 800 bottles of good wine every year. His two passions share an interesting parallel: “Your grapes are really your script,” he says. “Without good fruit, you’re just not making a good bottle of wine. Without a good script, the best actors in the world have struggled against bad material to make a good movie.”


  1. His two passions an interesting parallel? We----ell.

    Isn´t his handcraft in the vineyard rather and most notably a compensation of brain-working? Even in order to get the head clear or empty, in order to get mental balance?

    My personal vineyard is the dishwasher. The intention is to arrange the tableware in the most sophisticated and space saving way. That takes time and is very satisfying. Here a rearrangement, there a stacking and alignment. Unfortunately the job in my vineyard mostly is done already when I leave the table. There are residents (molesters) who maintain my methods out of date and inefficient. They don´t understand that a vineyard isn´t a factory.

  2. The art of wine-making is more than a parallel of art production. And it is one of the rare, lucky cases where a cliché hits perfectly the mark which represents reality. It should be considered a model and a point of reference by every artist, and maybe even by those managers who sometimes are prone to reflect on the relation between quality, prices, awards, costs and worth.

    One of the things I love of Italy is, that 50% of the Italians buy their wine not in the supermarket or wineshop, but on the black (or at least grey) market, i.e. directly at the winegrower they consider trustworthy and "fit through family tradition".

    Many Italians make their own wine. It isn't easy to make a good wine. But nothing is more distinctive than self-made wine. I know a physician who gets up early in the morning to work in his vineyard west of Florence before going to his surgery, and I think I would recognize the wine of my once father-in-law in Sardinia out of hundreds.

    A good wine has multiple levels, or rather even dimensions...! This should inspire every writer. A text should - exactly as a good wine - offer a hold to everyone, i.e. to a fan of backgrounds, socializations and levels of instruction. A text should be a balanced blend of holds and reference points corresponding to these backgrounds, socializations and levels of instruction and not just shaped according to universal patterns.

    Surprising is that the hobby of wine-making is so common in England! They make wine out of every kind of sugar containing fruit, but only one's own family and the best friends love to drink this hobby wine, which is a kind of Hobbit wine. Even more surprising yet is that the best enology schools of the world are in England! Theater and the art of wine-making are two of GB's strong points.