Monday, January 17, 2011


When still at Disney Studios, Jeffrey Katzenberg once told screenwriter Dale Launer:  "In Hollywood, Disney is the best place to work. Here we don't stab you in the back.  We stab you in the chest."


  1. The best place to work? There is no entertainment.
    Stabbing in the chest of some single man causes a quick death, that´s boring for all the others. Stabbing in the back of a single man is an enjoyment for many: Being incognito they can tease by many slight beats.

  2. These are very interesting insights. I sometimes ask myself if there are some persons who have enough international experience to be able of a comparative description of the USA, European countries and further places in Asia, Africa and Australia... I sometimes speak about these aspects with a greek friend of mine who has grown up in Melbourne and had parents from Cyprus. He once has cut Paloma Picasso's hair and other international VIPs use to seek his skill. It would be worth to write a book inspired by Pliny the Elder, but it should be meaningful beyond gossip and bon mots which are helpful but do not reveal us if they are characteristic of the place where they were pronounced, or if they point for instance to an ubiquitarian condition.