Monday, January 3, 2011

Goof-Off Era

"This is the great era of the goof-off, the age of the half-done job, a stampede away from responsibility. The land is popularized with laundry me who wont iron shirts, with waiters who wont serve, with carpenters who will come around some day maybe, with executives whose mind is on the golf course, with teachers who demand a single salary scale so achievement cannot be rewarded and with students who take cinch courses."
Charles Brower (1901-1984)


  1. In Italy I have experienced responsable reliable work only within the radius of old aristocratic families. Within this radius also the plumber will do a good job fearing otherwise a loss of reputation. It is unbelievable, what occurs outside this restricted area. Unbelievable and unimaginable for people living north of the alps. Even in Svitzerland (which has an italian part of its population) and Austria (which has historic experience with Radetzky in Milan) people are unable to imagine how much disculture can become culture imbedding its "values" into a texture.

    Outside the radius I am glad if I find still the influence of the catholic church! since laicism in Italy has created only brains with very strong inner conflicts and contradictions, leading from diffused marxism to diffused cynicism. And the last is not in the brain but in the heart, exactly like marxism before (and both represent a perverted version of once catholic antimaterialism fed with anger against "interest", this takes the cake). There are few good laicists in Italy.

    How can I cancel the stupid image of Italy going through german media and other media abroad? (abroad from Italy)

  2. Il y a des gens – entre nous - qui detestent tout ce qu´est prussien. Mais…

    I am happy that some of the good Prussian attitudes are still effective in Germany. Even Marxism in Prussia´s core area (East Germany) couldn´t eliminate these virtues.

  3. Thank you cs, this is precisely the pointing complementary observation which had to be add to mine. Germans and Italians (Prussia and Naple) are one of the great fundamental ageless oppositions of mankind (which shortsighted sociologists call "geo-clich├ęs").