Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Real Challenge

"Failure is very difficult for a writer to bear, but very few can manage the shock of early success."
Maurice Valency


  1. This is something I have always been assuming. Even when I was young myself. Mainly because I noticed already at the beginning of the 70-ties that in Germany people who had a great success very quickly lost their capacity creating quality. This is the true reason why in Germany commercial success is looked at with suspicion!!

    In Italy it is not surpriaing if a song composer or song singer matures and slowly continues to mature aging. In northern contries artists become much more stereotypes and victims of their role. And quickly they are burned off and shall be replaced by another found of another talent scout which than gets styled and burned off again.

    The italian system is too personalistic and familistic and fuedalistic, but it gives better chances to a person to become a personality (and not only a "star" or a "prommy").

    One has to see Visconti's "The Leopard" to realize that Alan Delon is really a good actor.