Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adagio For Strings


  1. Ah! This wonderful music. And the ending in Dominant… One of the last few HITs that has been produced by classical composers. Later on Barber tried in twelve-note and free atonality. He certainly didn´t want to be estimated as antiquated. What an unfavourable century for classical composers.

  2. @Constaninus Magnus & MK

    Precht defines the task of philosophers to act as Konsensarrangeur. I couldn't agree more.

    From Brecht to Precht!

    ("brecht!" actually is an odd vomitiferous imperative, which might explain the origin of Regietheater)

    One has to chat on these themes with RDP in order to offer elegant clothing to a series of naked kings. Pleeeeease

    This adagio is wehmütig and it contains Erlebnis.
    Who was the last SERENE genious among the classical composers? Who did still vigorously use joy among the primary materials?

  3. There is something very sensual in it. It's like a caress for the soul. I like it very much.