Friday, April 23, 2010

A Writer's Sigh

"Screenwriting? There must be a better way of not making a living."
Paul Jarrico

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  1. Every outstanding man is a kind of Sisyphos or - if one prefers - a slave like Aesop. Truth is the meter. And the limit of truth sometimes is an opposite aspect showing up, as if it were "another" truth.

    Paul Jarrico was another pseudoname, like Peter Achilles. And also Israel Shapiro probably was not his original name, since his father came from Russia. Pirandellos masking personalities of the person in jewish destinies are often important for political reasons. During the McCarthysm Jarrico went to Europe and became Achilles.

    In a situation like McCarthysm it is better to change one's profession. But if screenwriting is the only thing you know, or if you do not want to capitulate in front of political attacks, you have to change your name. But it is a hard living.