Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A cat called Tiger has repeatedly attacked the postal workers in a town near Leeds in Northern England. Tiger jumps through the cat door and threatens to bite them when they approach. Mail drops have been discontinued. Tiger's owner Tracy Brayshaw told the BBC she can't imagine the 19-year-old cat misbehaving. Meanwhile, she continues to pick up her mail from the nearest mail office. Everyone knows a dog who might lie in wait, but a cat gaining celebrity status as the postmen’s nemesis is something new.


  1. Wilderness emerging from domestication has to be kept in consideration.

    "The most civilized peoples are as far from barbarism as the most lucent iron is from rust. Peoples and metals are polished only at their surface." Antoine de Rivarol

    There is a piece of the Pink Floyd called "Careful with that axe, Eugene"

  2. The question is: What made the cat change its charming and peaceloving behaviour after such a long time?

    19 years ago Mrs. Brayshaw bought a little pussycat and gave her the title „Tiger“. This particular naming was not in order to teach the cat playing golf but to become a wild and awesome animal.
    All her training was without any result because life was balanced and satisfactory. Only until that day, after 19 years, when the postman came a little late (exactly for half an hour).
    What the cat had learned by its daily 2 hour training was the principle of the stick and the carrot (instead of carrot Mrs Brayshaw offered mice, what Tiger would never get for 19 years long). So the cat wanted to teach the postman as well. And with this behaviour finally it received the mouse. That´s the reason for Tiger continued attacking the royal post.