Monday, April 26, 2010

A New York Story

On the way to the subway after work in late February, Leonard Shaver found a digital camera in the snow. He brought it home and checked to see that it worked. There were tourist pictures of New York City on the camera: a gentleman smiling at Times Square, Lincoln Center, the Empire State Building, etc. And, there was a photo of the Novotel hotel sign. On a whim, Mr. Shaver called the Novotel and explained to a somewhat perplexed front desk employee that he might possibly have the camera of one of their guests. He persuaded them to take his telephone number in case anyone should inquire. At 1 a.m. Leonard Shaver got a call from a Frenchwoman, apologizing for calling at such an hour, explaining that she had lost her camera and hoped that he had it. The next day, a grateful couple retrieved their camera on the way to the airport. They were heading home to Paris. They gave Shaver some paté de fruits from Fauchon. Lesson learned: Take a picture of your hotel on your digital camera.


  1. A friend of mine once found a harddisc of the pentagon in top of a hill! This sentence could be the starting point of a Hitchcock film, and I would be scared to make such a found. But he simply contacted the owner, sent him the hd and received a reward.

  2. Michael, don´t forget to speak into your Olympus-toy your name and address!
    This is what the doctor told me to do, when I got a long-term ECG recorder fixed at my body. In case someone would find the recorder, or even me.

  3. It's so much fun to be honest and caring. It seems to feed you, too. Culinary and otherwise.

    Sweet story! :)