Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Awards are like hemorrhoids. Sooner or later everyone gets them."
Billy Wilder


  1. At least, awards are not like assholes. They'd lost their distinction a long time ago.

  2. One should start on wikipedia a "List of who refused the Nobel Prize" (Sartre...) and a "List of who could not retrieve the Nobel Prize" (Ossietzky, Pasternak...). Maybe these lists are already existing.

    Edward Luttwak, shortly after Obama had received the Nobel Peace Prize, wrote an excellent article on the comittee which decides who gets the Nobel Prizes. A profile of who is sitting in there, what their story is etc. But this article was published only in italian unfortunatly. Luttwak as a young boy lived in Palermo for some time after WW2. Why know we about this sanctum even less than about the Vatican?

  3. @epitimaios
    Ref. sanctum

    The sanctum of the Nobel Prize Committee doesn´t affect our life not as deeply as the Vatican does. Observing the Catholic Church you may have the view of a half-full glass, filled with goods and bads. In contrast the Nobel Committee is nothing, is less than an empty multi-trip bottle.
    Apart from that, my opinion is, that we really don´t know nothing about the Vatican inside. Sometimes the window opens, and then we have a horrible view. Then it is our decision either to judge this impression as a single exception or as part of hidden normality.

    In our world absolutistic organizations don´t live forever. “Wer zu sp├Ąt kommt, den bestraft das Leben” (?who comes late will be punished by the cours of life?). Maybe, and I honestly fear, that this doesn´t only apply to bishop Mixa.

  4. The show is exciting and we have to get back to our seats now. In 4 minutes the show will go on. Cheers!