Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Rodney

Rodney, a British rabbit with hanging ears, has conquered a worldwide fan-club. Daily animal friends from Australia, China or America watch Rodney how he spends his days. As the "Daily Mail" reported, the eight month old rabbit owes this global excitement to the internet. When Clare Strafford from Manchester bought the rodent she installed a webcam at his cage at home. With this she also could watch him at work. But it looks like Clare wasn't the only one visiting the homepage of Rodney. Over time people from all over the world visited the website and now watch attentively Rodney and his preferred occupation: eating carrots, hopping around, cleaning his ears and especially sleeping.


  1. That´s entertainment!

    But it isn´t up-to-date because new technology offers interactive features. Why shouldn´t Rodney have a look as well on the desk of his landlord? Clare Strafford should install a second webcam for Rodney (not for the internet community)and by this she would receive all attention and sympathy she needs so much in her large open-plan office.

  2. In fact Clare Strafford is shy as most people are. She wouldn´t show her innermost feelings to others even these were animals. It is the same with Michael´s webcam, not only installed for two lonely exorcists from Germany and Italy, and now even written in that language understandable all around the world. Where are his Japanese and Korean and American and British fans?

    I know what they are doing: monitoring Rodney.

  3. Epitimaios Constantino salutes plurimas dat.

    Maximo gaudio accipio nuntium nos nunc collegas esse ad spiritum malum exorcizandum. Simul ac emero Olympum WS-311M, flammiferorum involucrucula tibi mittebo quinquaginta. Deinde incipipere possumus librum De Mamma Habita An Non. Versionem in versibus musicatis factam personae legitimori mandabimus...

    Vale quam optime amice care, cuniculoque salutes meas dato!

  4. Des erinnert mi an mei Jugendzeit, wenn i mit meine Spezln zum "Hasn oschaung" ind Disco ganga bin.

  5. @Achim

    Wonderful comment.


    Not "legitimori" but "legitimiori"

  6. @Anonymous

    Thanks. Truth is, today, 45 years later, we're doing the same thing again. Only this time not in a Munich disco but on a bench in one of the city parks of Austin, Texas.

    The difference?

    Damals haett ma kenna, aba duerf'n hamma uns net traut.

    Heitzudag dad ma uns scho no traun, aba kenna dua ma hoid nimma so recht.

  7. @Achim

    What a painful, striking example for the shortcoming of life. I wish I spoke as well Texas slang as you speak the bavarian Ursprache from which Hochdeutsch has been derivated.

    You Southeners!