Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mozart's Resurrection In Korea (Of All Places!)


  1. Mozart is one of only a handful of real revivals on earth. Compare it with others being claimed and never proven (founders of religions) and consider his global reappearance and variety of the performance over the centuries.

  2. Real Resurrection affords two things: Reappearance in a new form and the help of midwives and fathers. I wished Felix and Fanny had some more of them….

  3. Actually Korea produces many great musicals and they usually have long runs (Wildhorn's Jekyll & Hyde is running for years now).

    It is curious though that your first show to play there is to be Mozart! and not one of the more successful ones (like Rebecca or Tanz der Vampire). But its good to see the show alive again.

    And apparently Elisabeth will be staged next year in Korea too ;)

  4. Resurrection? I didn't know he had died. Forgive me.

    But once upon a time I saw a wonderful film. Its name is "From Mao to Mozart" and one can see it in Youtube now!

    Apparently Isaac Stern made another film 20 years later turning again to China, but I do not know this movy and I don't know its title.