Friday, February 12, 2010


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once one grows up."
Pablo Picasso


  1. I have never been an artist, as a child even less than now, but I have a very good memory.

    Picasso was a great artist. When he was 14, his father stopped painting, because Picasso was painting better, and some years later the potential of his country to teach him anything about painting was exhausted. When he arrived to Paris, he had to prepare some paintings before being admitted to the school. He had 6 months time for the paintings, but he was ready the day after.

    And he thought every child is an artist???

  2. I´m not an expert in painting, my ignorance even is exorbitant. As I don´t understand many of modern painting, it helps when I know the modern painter being able as well to drawing in a realistic and understandable manner, for example, there are some paintings of Picasso that might be drawn by Albrecht Dürer. When you look at paintings of his cubism period you could think Picasso was able to remaining permanently the artist he was as a child.

  3. An interesting coincidence is, that Ernst Jünger has said exactly the same what Picasso said (if I remember well in Julien Hervier's Interview/conversation-book which he wrote in honour of Jünger's 90th birthday). Picasso's eyes and Jünger's eyes are for different reasons the eyes of the century. But Jünger might simply have quoted Picasso without naming him.