Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aiming High

A man´s reach schould exceed his grasp - or what´s a heaven for?

Robert Browning


  1. What a beautiful quote! Thank you very much.

    May be it doesn't fit with everyone's temper.
    As a young boy during a "solvitur ambulando" walk among beeches and chiffchaffs I asked myself whether it is more motivating to point to a realistic aim within reach to manage an accomplishment or whether a goal beyond reasonable forecast could be more motivating. My answer was and is, that it is a question of personal temper, both managing your own efforts and managing the efforts of a staff or country. Helmut Kohl has bet on Browning's horse when he promised that the reunification of Germany wouldn't cost more taxes. It was a bold lie, but it was motivating.

    One should find a further, complementary quote, which honours the other temper, the temper of sober, level-headed realists.

  2. What´s a heaven for? To be put on earth. Never mind the reach of your arms, think big.