Friday, February 5, 2010


It used to be that you’d get nervous seeing a cop in your rearview mirror. Now you worry if it’s a Toyota.


  1. It´s impossible to identify a Toyota in your rearview mirror. Thus, I suggest a legal regulation for Japanese cars to be painted on the front by a large circle in red colour.

  2. What does it mean that such a big thing could happen?

    It is not the first time that Toyota in the last 12 months had problems of this kind. Is the crises the reason? Toyota is the biggest car manufacturer of the world. But the contracts with the server companies of components annually a renegotiated. Maybe in times of crises attention drops, and a little, banal thing like an accelerator can produce great harm. Sicurity is expensive because neglect is so human. There are retailers which refuse to repair under guarantee, because the manufacturing company would repay them very late...