Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facing Reality

“It’s nice to get a knighthood but in the end it’s just the same old face in the mirror getting older and older — you have to shave every morning and you look at your face and think: this is it, this is the deal. And there’s a wonderful harsh reality about that. Time is going by. I better get on with it. I better live.”
Anthony Hopkins


  1. It is as old as you feel, right? I think we
    generally should enjoy every single day of our lives.

  2. He is so right. Tempus edax rerum, time is eating up everything, said the latin lovers of once upon a time. We are not only Sisyphos shaving every day our face, washing dishes, keeping wilderness far from downtown and from our living rooms and nurseries, up-rolling the familiar stone of entropy, we even become day after day a little bit more part of that stone. This is the deal. But the show will go on anyway, and it is an honour to take part in it anyway. Better with a knighthood rather than without.

    Ironically I think, just the apparent "aquoibonistes" or "je-m'en-foutistes" who pretend they do not care, like Hopkins aging, Townshend during his wild years and Gainsbourg always, perhaps are among the better examples of knights in a world where knights are rare. Obviously I WANT to see them as intransigent true Crusaders of Quality. If there is a figure whom they nothing have in common with, then it is certainly Don Quijote.

  3. Anthony Hopkins: "There was a Jesuit priest I knew once and somebody asked him, ‘What’s the shortest prayer in the world?’ And he said, ‘F*** it’. That’s great, isn’t it?”