Monday, February 1, 2010


Anyone who waits to be struck with a good idea has a long wait coming. If I have a deadline for a column or a television script, I sit down at the typewriter and damn well decide to have a good idea.

Andy Rooney


  1. The composer Webern was always waiting for inspiration. That's why he wrote so few works.

    Fred Uhlmann said, one has to write every day, in order to be ready when inspiration will arrive. Sorry, yet I told you this. But it makes sense. Writing, you see black on white what you think, and you can controll and correct it. Thus you explore your own little cosmos and you will get used to have (or to find former and now fitting) good ideas in front of deadlines.

    But the real point is, talent is necessary, inspiration is optional.

  2. To be decisive and resolute, that´s the key for good ideas. The problem is not the lack of ideas but the ability to select them.

    Voici encore une contribution au sujet d´autonomie humaine.

  3. Who is Andy Rooney? A master of directly speaking, an antagonist of political correctness. “What´s In A Word?” He asks….