Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate & Cherries?

Chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac is highly exaggerated, food researchers say. True, it does contain some chemicals like phenylethylamine, which produce feelings of euphoria. Yet one widely cited study showed that a 70 kg person would have to eat 10 kg of chocolate in one sitting to significantly alter the mood. But who would be in the mood after eating 19.2 percent of her weight in chocolate? Nor is it a good idea to talk your date into trying the black forest tart for dessert. One study found that the scent of cherries significantly decreases sexual arousal in women.


  1. 10 kg chocolate - oh God! I am glad that I do not like chocolate. Therefore, man should already be a little creative ...

  2. Try with truffle or sellery. Both contain human (male) sex pheromone. The molecule is identic with the swine (male) sex pheromone, reason why female pigs are used to look for truffles. Male urin contains this compound. Women who consciously smell it, do not like it. But when the seats of a cinema are secretly marked with the compound... well there can be registered a statistically significant preference for the marked seats by the female cinema fans. The data have been produced by a research of Volker Arzt for the german tv thirty years ago. Smells are an amazing theme. Napoleon III asked his woman in a letter that she should not wash herself for two weeks, before he would visit her.

    Aphrodisiac food doesn't exist. And in Isabel Allendes cooking book the most aphrodisiac effect is due to if to anything to the sensual poetic contagious making of the book. Even the effect of truffle and sellery is too light to be more than a light auxiliary means in an atmosphere which for other and much better reasons is already erotic. But it is certainly surprising that traditionally truffle and sellery for centuries have been considered aphrodisiac food, before bio-chemistry has discovered that they contain that molecule. It is one of the rare cases where a rumour is really corrisponding to something true. Personally I swear on garlic (Allium sativum or Allium oleracium) with chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum) and a good red wine, thou bio-chemistry doesn't know anything to confirm my experience.

    Pass a pleasant Sunday and Valentine's Day everyone.

  3. I don´t like truffles either ... But anyway, I think if it is the right partner, no aphrodisiac is needed....

    I wish a pleasnant Sunday and Valentine´s Day too.

    FEBRUARY 14, 2010 11:05 AM

  4. @epitimaios
    You should know this as well: A serious archeological study found out that female Dinos´s favourite dish was cherries.

  5. @cs

    ...and since "cherries significantly decrease sexual arousal" in females, Dinos died off eating too much Mon Cherie, you are trying to make me believe (backed by a crew of archeologists of the Sprengel Foundation which doesn't like the paleontologists of the Ferrero Foundation), aren't you? Well, I am happy that cherries didn't get extinct with all those huge cherry-fans around. Because I love cherries too, as I love chocolate, truffles and sellery. And you won't change my mind affirming again and again that cherries do not exist but only my perception of something sweet