Saturday, July 6, 2013

Software For Songwriters

I was asked recently if I could recommend a software for songwriters. Yes, there is one I find quite useful. It's called Masterwriter, and what I like about it is that it's much more than a rhyming dictionary (if you need one go to rhyme zone, free of charge). Masterwriter offers 36,000 rhymed phrases ready for use, and a comprehensive list of close rhymes and a pop culture dictionary. Additional features are a reference dictionary, a list of descriptive words including alliterations, a synonym finder and the American Heritage Dictionary. I have been using this software for five years now and it still works well, that's why I don't know the latest version which is currently sold for about a hundred bucks. It is available for all systems.

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  1. It's a very difficult job, I don't know how you do it! Here's my take on der tod's opening lines. Took an hour!

    Familiar situation. What can it mean?
    I'm sensing indignation. Once again.
    Angels call it joyful. Devils call it pain.
    I just call it love, let me explain.
    My job is sheer destruction
    I do it cold
    The heart and soul abduction.
    Of young and old
    Flesh turns into ashes. Bones turn into dust
    And I must confess, for me its lust