Friday, July 26, 2013

Jeff Barry

In the Mid-Eighties Peter Kirsten, one of the most prolific German record producers, had the idea of teaming me up with Jeff Barry. At that time Jeff already was a songwriter legend. He had worked with Phil Spector and Ellie Greenwich, and written perennial pop classics, such as Tell Laura I Love Her, Be My Baby, Da-Doo-Ron-Ron, Baby, I Love You, Leader of the Pack, Chapel of Love, Solitary Man, River Deep,Mountain High, Sugar,Sugar, Montego Bay - to name just a few. When we met we liked each other immediately. However, an unexpected problem arose.  Jeff asked me to go to the piano and play some of my melodies. I said I don't have any, I'm a lyricist. "You're kidding," Jerry said, "I'm a lyricist, too." - "Well, what are we going to do now? Shall I fly back to Munich?" - "No, I'd love to write some songs with you. Let's just give it a try." So I stayed at a bungalow of the Beverly Hills Hotel for three weeks. Putting our heads together we wrote a whole album during that time. When Peter recorded our songs with the Scandinavian singer Gitte Haenning, Jeff came over to Munich. It was a wonderful summer, and after long studio days we used to spend the evening in a beer garden or, joined by Roswitha, on the terrace of my Gr├╝nwald home.  Our album made gold and platinum, and I've learned one more time that the most gifted professionals have no attitude at all. Jeff and I haven't met for a long time, but we'll be friends forever.

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  1. I love your stories about meeting and working with other legends of the music industry. Mainly because--through my own short comings--I missed those opportunities. More, please!