Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting Original Screenplays

Notwithstanding a common misapprehension, the real creators of movies and tv-series are not the directors but the writers. Whenever I like a flick, I want to read the screenplay. There are several ways to get the shooting script. First I look if there is a printed version available, but amazon usually can't help. Next I visit Drew's Scriptorama, a website with an enormous choice of links to free and downloadable film and tv scripts. Unfortunately a lot of them are not the original shooting scripts, but transcripts of fans. A collection of hand-scanned PDF's from authentic production scripts are to be found at Hollywoodscriptfinder.  They're all authentic and, even better, they're completely iPad, Kindle, Nexus, Droid ready!  Perfect for reading anywhere, anytime. Tons of impossible-to-find rare, vintage, classic, Noir and '70's titles.  Finally I try the Writers Store in LA which is absolutely the best source for all kinds of writers' needs. If all of those attempts fail I have to try my luck on Broadway. On Wednesdays and Saturdays there are street hawkers on Times Square and 45th Street who sell, probably not absolutely legally, authentic movie and tv scripts for $ 15.00 a copy.

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