Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Importance Of Making Friends

Once upon a time a woman went to a river to wash clothes. Just then, she saw a peach running with the current in the water. She took the peach home, where she and her husband cut it in half. A boy jumped out of the fruit. They named him Momotaro (the peach boy), and adopted the child. He grew up to be big and strong. One day, demons invaded the village. Everybody was very troubled. Momotaro asked his mother to make his favorite dish, kibidango. "I will go to Onigashima to fight the demons on their own territory". He took the kibidango and left. On his way he met a dog, a monkey and a pheasant. These animals were very hungry, and so Momotaro shared his kibidango with them. Gratefully the dog, the monkey and the pheasant decided tho accompany Momotaro on his dangerous mission. In Onigashima the furious demons attacked them. Momotaro would have been lost alone, but the monkey distracted the demons, the dog bit them and the pheasant pecked them while the Peach Boy fought with his sword. The demons were defeated, and Momotaro and his friends returned to the village victorious.
Japanese Fairytale


  1. A very nice story with a very strong
    statement ...

  2. ...teaching us that peach boys can make friends not only among peach boys.

    We know in every language the motto "opposites attract". But in every language only the opposite of this motto became e well sounding proverb: Birds of a feather flock together - Qui se ressemble, s'assemble - Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern - Chi si assomiglia si piglia.

  3. reading this story i could not stay seriously. I formed my lips as the saxonians do and with my glass of wine in the hand i sang california dreaming. By the way wasnt his name momotaro? I thought it was brian wilson

  4. @cs

    Thank you for presenting me Brian Wilson! I have immediatly subcribed his YouTube site!