Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad Luck

Being Casanova is not always easy.


  1. Shit happens... But don't give up ;-)

  2. No Casanova!
    The picture shows a part of the stage decoration of the newly planned Romeo+Julia performance in Hamburg (opening 18th of June in the Fliegende Bauten). From the production team (real Regietheater-Vips) I heard that the story will be a little alienated. Look at the building, it is not Verona but construction of public housing at it´s best! And here we got the show-stopper: It isn´t Romeo climbing up the apartment building (he wouldn´t be naked), it is Julia who takes refuge to the close by flat (where she left her clothes and her other lover). Yes, you are right, it is the lark whistling (look at the balustrade´s shadow, it is horizontal, it is morning!). The climbing job for the Julia actrice seems to be very complicate, but remark the inclined face of the house wall. The message of the play is: Fun, acrobatic and sex.

  3. It is the lark, the herald of the morn. No nighting gay. Look, above, what envious streaks do lace the severing clouds in yonder East!

    Why do we all agree that it must be a love scene?

  4. It is not love.

    It is concentrated hate in a ghetto of public housing, populated of immigrants as well as neonazi germans. You still may hear the clattering of the blinds closing simultaneously as an immigrant girl, Julia, is asking for help. The lark´s soft melody can´t be heard, nor the lovely voice of Shakespeare. Someone should order a rescue net, but no one does.