Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Advice

"If life gives you something on the plate - eat it!"
Brian Stokes-Mitchell


  1. Exactly. Take situations as they are, experiencing and recognize the positive elements in it. This is the best way.

  2. Isn´t it an empty phrase? If you are hungry and the food is nicely offered, you wouldn´t reject it.

  3. "Säume nicht, dich zu erdreisten, wenn die Menge zaudernd schweift. Alles kann der Edle leisten, der versteht und rasch ergreift."


    I agree, it is quite an empty plate phrase. Plain and flat as a plate. And it doesn't sound better pronounced by Goethe, I therefore do not translate it.

    But Tanja is right either. Often life offers us a full plate when we are not hungry at all, and we turn up our noses at it.

    Yet Paul Gaugin's destiny shows how fed up one can be with eating what life is offering us. And his pictures are great, great pictures.

    Or did Stokes-Mitchell and Goethe mean Gaugin?