Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meeting The Motown Guys

I never got to know Motown's master mind, Barry Gordy, but Sylvester and I met with Motown's heart and soul, the hit writing team of Lamont Dozier and Brian & Eddie Holland. That was in 1976, after we had two consecutive number one hits in the US charts with my studio group Silver Convention. Our songs were pure disco, Munich style, but American ears categorized them as R & B music. To be sure, we both loved R & B, and I was a fan of the Temptations. So we regarded Holland-Dozier-Holland as our main inspiration. We took a plane to Detroit only to meet them and show our admiration and gratitude. Oh, how naive we were! Our three heroes looked at us with condescending smiles and undisguised hostility. I said: "We owe you a lot." And Brian Holland answered: "We know." The rest was awkwardness on our side as we tried to ignore our heroes' contempt.

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