Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let It Be!

Without doubt I'm not  the first or only one who was approached to write a Beatles show. The concept is always the same: Some producer intends to put a group of young musicians on stage, retell the episodes to be found in some hundred Beatles, McCartney and John Lennon biographies, and use the Beatles' greatest hits album as a score. There's a legal problem, of course, because the publishers of the Beatles repertoire won't give you the stage rights of the songs. To circumvent this, you must not integrate the songs into the story. What you can do is a kind of Beatles Revival Concert with some talking in between. That's not theatre, and certainly not a "musical", even though Mr. Producer will advertise it as "the new Beatles musical". The Beatles were smart enough to break up when they ran out of ideas. So they never began endlessly touring, performing big, glitzy, sold-out shows of just the hits. What's the point of doing that now, putting ringers wearing their 60's costumes on stage, pretending they are John, Paul, George and Ringo? Dear producers, please let it be.

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