Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Organized

I'm really not a great time manager. Nevertheless I keep being asked how I can get so much done notwithstanding all the traveling and the other distractions of a busy story architect and theatrical author. My trick is very simple and unspectacular. Every now and then, preferably on Sunday afternoons,  I make a list of things to do, prioritize them and try to process my tasks according to importance. As long as I work on something I stick with it and concentrate on just that one occupation. No phone calls, no e-mails, no visits. A coffee break, yes, and a short walk with my dog. Whenever I feel blocked or bored with what I write, I change to the next item on my list. Although I learned from Stephen Covey not to mistake urgency with importance I have to confess that I also tend to check on my e-mails several times a day. However, I gave up answering them promptly. I reserve that task to the late afternoon or evenings when my head gets too tired for creative work.

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