Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tony Awards 2013

An old theater rule warns actors to share the stage with a minor. According to common knowledge even the most amazing acting can't compete with a child that wins the audience's love. Since last sunday we have to add: ...unless the actor is a drag queen. At this year's Tony Awards “Kinky Boots,” a show about a drag queen who helps save a struggling shoe factory, pulled off an upset victory as best musical edging out the expected front-runner, “Matilda the Musical" about a smart young girl battling against idiotic adults.The best-musical win for “Kinky Boots” was a shock for the producers and artists on “Matilda,” which set a record in London for winning the most Olivier Awards and which received justly the best reviews of any musical this season. The children's performance in that show is absolutely breathtaking. But in my opinion the show's hero is its choreographer, Peter Darling. If anyone deserved a Tony - this ingenious man is the one. He didn't get it. It will probably not console him - but I want Peter to choreograph my next show.

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