Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Password Madness

We've all heard the advice to make up a different password for every Web site we use. It's not enough that it is long, contains digits, punctuation and unrecognizable words, we must also change it every thirty days. Well, I just can't follow that advice, and I don't know anyone who does. Nowadays you have to enter a password as often as you use the internet. I guess I have account names and passwords for more than 50 pages by now. How shall I possibly remember all of them anew every 30 days without being blocked for any other memory upload? There are several password memorization programs available, such as KeePass, 1Password and Dashlane. But are they safe? I rather do what the security pundits advise me not to do: I write my account ID's and passwords on an old-fashioned piece of paper. Maybe it is wrong, but I am rather reckless than crazy.

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