Saturday, June 1, 2013

Giorgio's Great Discovery

While Giorgio was focused on “becoming international”, I produced songs for the German charts. Every now and then we met in one of Munich's sound studios and watched each other at work. Giorgio’s mantra was that you needed an unusual sound to succeed. After trying vocoders, flangers and kids’ toys he discovered by chance a wall of the very first Moog sound computers in the Bavaria Studios. It was only natural that from then on he used the Moog's great variety of sounds for his productions. In the mid-seventies, when I finally went “international” myself, we both produced a number of global disco hits. But Giorgio Moroder’s real achievement was that he had discovered computer sounds and rhythms for pop music, long before the invention of the so-called synthesizer. Right now, he is being recognized and justly admired for this by a new generation of musicians, in particular Daft Punk.

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