Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Future Of The Musical

Do I believe in the future of the musical as we know it? No, I don't. If there is no innovation, the genre will get more and more stale and boring and someday soon lose its fans. Most producers believe sticking to a certain formula reduces the risk they are running. They will have to learn the hard, expensive way that the greatest risk is taking no risk. Do I believe in popular musical theatre? Absolutely. A story told on stage with music and words will always have an audience - as long as the story is good and well-told and the music supports it. But we must never forget the three most important show ingredients: Surprise, surprise, surprise. Those who create and produce shows should dare reinventing the musical every ten years or so.

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  1. Oh yes :) It´s a kind of a really special, special magic <3