Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Audition Advice

As a member of the leading team of a musical production you attend the final auditions held to find the cast for your show. Each time I sit there watching the applicants present themselves I sympathize with each of them. Naturally you want to find the perfect cast, so you put your hope in every new guy or girl that enters. That hope is often disappointed, but really depressed I am by candidates who clearly have talent and ability but nevertheless fail. This happens when the respective actor/actress choses the wrong material to present him/herself. Wrong is anything that goes to the limit or beyond the limit of someone's ability. Dear casting candidate: I know it is not easy to show in ten minutes what you have to offer. But, trust me, you don't have to show everything you can. I strongly advise to prepare two songs that are a piece of cake for you. I perfectly understand that you wish to impress me, doing something you find admirable yourself. But that is the surest way to miss your chance. Do something you know you do well. That you can do with the necessary self-confidence telling me and the other members of the team that there's much more in you.

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