Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Pencil

Before I use my Mac's keyboard I work with a notepad and a pencil. I never was fond of ballpoint pens. If you use them you can't erase what you've written, and that can be seriously demotivating. After all you don't want to look at your idiotic first scribblings while waiting for inspiration. There was a time when I loved 2B Faber-Castell pencils, having a soft rubber and a good sharpener at hand. Being busy erasing and sharpening gave me the feeling I was still working even when I was totally blocked.  Years ago I changed to using mechanical propelling pencils and never needed a sharpener again (the indispensable eraser comes with it). The pencil lead must be very soft, however, 2B at least. Sondheim, by the way, uses Blackwing Pencils. I would never dare to emulate him.

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