Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Herb & Constantin

Herb Alpert, one of the most successful pop instrumentalist ("A Taste Of Honey") and co-founder of A&M Records, uses part of his wealth to support children. Since 2010 his foundation has donated more than $ 6 million to the Harlem School Of The Arts. I recently watched Mr. Alpert perform at Manhattan's Café Carlyle. "I believe," he explained why he decided to save the Harlem school, "the best chance we have of creating responsible and productive kids is through the arts, and it has to be developed just like literacy." That reminded me of Constantin Stahlberg whom I mentioned earlier on this blog. Constantin, a former businessman, is also a musician. His German foundation "Musical@School" serves exactly the same purpose. While the Harlem School plans to rename its building the Herb Alpert Center to honor its benefactor, Constantin Stahlberg usually still has to fight for the permission to bring his tutors to the schools. American Kids, you've got it better!

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