Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Golden Words From A Pro

"Singers who start selling albums get bombarded from all directions by writers trying to get on their albums, and by producers they're working with: Hey, let's get together and co-write. As if that's something that anybody can do. no matter what their experience or track record. How hard can it be? Well, even for professional, established songwriters, it's hard. It's not something to be treated casually, and it's truly condescending to the people who do it for a living to assume that you can put anyone in a room and have them come up with a worthwhile song. It's really nonsense, and it's exasperating to have that conversation time and time again, to come up against the claim that a true artist also needs to be a songwriter. That not only disrespects the songwriting craft, it disrespects artists who have never written."
Clive Davis

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