Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Eyes Can See

This a true, but nevertheless remarkable story:  Paulina Marks always wanted to be like Gloria Vanderbilt, the American celebrity author. In 1941, when she was 16, Paulina saw a picture of Gloria in Vogue. She liked her look so much that she immediately cut bangs and wore them for at least a decade. Fast-forward to 2010. Mrs. Marks is now 85. Gloria Vanderbilt has not figured much in her life for the past 69 years. She gave up bangs years ago. This June, as she came to the door at the Eighth Avenue entrance to Pennsylvania Station, a homeless-looking man, stretched out just to the side of the door, said to Pauline: “Hello, Gloria Vanderbilt, what are you doing here?” She replied, “I am on the town,” as she rushed for her train to New Jersey. 

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