Monday, August 23, 2010

Good People

"I get very tired of the smug self-satisfaction, the holier-than-you attitude, the sneering meticulousness of men and women with whose outlook on economic and social questions I often find myself regretfully in accord. They rush to the aid of any liberal victor, and then proceed to stab him in the back when he fails to perform the mental impossibility of subscribing unconditionally to their dozen or more conflicting principles. They cannot lead, they will not follow, and they refuse to cooperate."
Harold Ickes (1874-1952)


  1. Sen. Ickes has a lot t of good friends. Look here:
    “That great, overgrown lummox of a Colonel McCormick, mediocre in ability, less than average in brains and a damn physical coward in spite of his size, sitting in the tower of the Tribune building with his guards protecting him while he squirts sewage at men whom he happens to dislike.”
    In Germany we had Herbert Wehner, who was able to slam down his political enemies by tagging them with the name of animals and figures of horror.

  2. Whether we are bleeding-heart liberals, pinko commies, moderate conservatives, or self-righteous right wingers...our selfishness and intolerance undermine any hope for positive change. Name-calling doesn't help a bit, either.