Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chocolate for the heart

Note to chocoholics: When it comes to chocolate’s health benefits, less may be more. Swedish women who ate one to two servings of dark chocolate a week had almost one-third fewer cases of heart failure than those who didn’t eat it, a new study reports, but the results suggest that there was no protective effect for women who ate chocolate every day or almost every day.


  1. This confuses me totally.
    I am not swedish, I am not a woman.
    I don´t know what is a „serving“ of chocolate.
    And where exactly is the protective effect? Is chocolate good for my myocardial muscle or against congestion of my arteries or does it support my lame generator of electric impulses? And what kind of chocolate? And finally: what are the side effects and adverse reactions?

    I am eager of more scientific research. But whre to be carried out? The English doesn´t interest these kind of questions, the English doesn´t even differentiate the quantity of chocolate, both is a „chocolate bar“, the whole chocolate as well as only a piece of it. Only the German offers a quantitive differentiation („Stück“, „Riegel“ and „Tafel“), so this kind of research should be carried out in Germany. And I would be avaible for a series of tests and trials.

  2. I'd love to be a tester for the "how-much-chocolate-can-a-man-eat-before-he-drops-dead" project.