Thursday, May 13, 2010

Same Attitude

"Those who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them."

Eric Hoffer


  1. The state of our tecnology makes that it has become easier to bite efficently than to kick efficiently.

  2. Yes in western world. Nowhere else. So is this unbalanced technology an achievement of civilisation?

  3. Nowhere alse????? In the global world! (with our western tecnology) See what in Afghanistan is happening.

    The global sabotage guerrilla is favoured by our tecnology. Even if we decide to raze Afghanistan AND Pakistan to the ground, we would achieve only an unpredictable vacuum of power.

    We are slaves of a completely useless tecnology which has displaced the power balance favouring saboteurs (which in addition are ready to sacrifice their lives).

    The only place where it is still today easier to kick than to bite with our tecnology is at home in our western world. If we will not find new tecnic solutions for "foreign affiars & warfares", the only way to protect the fragile gear box of our society from the sabotaging sand will be total controll and the end of privacy. The Taliban women will have more privacy under their burka than Mr. Gysi longing for defeatism.