Sunday, May 2, 2010

Asterisk Vintage

Last week Robert Parker published his report on the 2009 vintage in Bordeaux, endorsing what those privileged to have experienced first-hand last month no doubt already concluded. In fact, the vintage is so good that in some cases, the quality level is so high that Parker has needed to go beyond 100 points. Certain chateaux who have produced wines with “the finest potential of all the offerings I had ever tasted from that estate in nearly 32 years of barrel tasting samples in Bordeaux”  are rated by the addition of an asterisk on top of their 100 points.


  1. What does he tell us?
    Is the Bordeaux wine his adequate tool to fight against blank pages?

    But why are the wines rated with an asterix and not with an alcoholix?

  2. "The good wine stays in a little barrel" says the italian proverb. Without diminuishing the meaning of milk, beer, water, juices and coca cola, I think this proverb should inspire every artist. Even if he has the ambition to work for hoi polloi.

  3. Hi professionals! I suggest a lovely hoi polloi wine from Aldi, regardless that there aren´t any asterisks (now I got it).

  4. ...and then he began to whine about the limits of the rating system!