Sunday, May 23, 2010

How To Ruin A Friendship

"The surest way to turn a friend into an enemy is to give him an undeserved gift, send him money when he is in a desperate situation or save him from distress. His gratefulness will darken your relationship. Somehow he will feel inferior, and sooner or later take action to prove that you are the inferior one. In short, something meant as a blessing will upset the balance and ruin your friendship. Tragically you will never learn to let down a friend in need."
Joshua Fry Speed


  1. Very mechanical and without the knowledge of that what is between old buddies. Further on it doesn´t work in a friendship based on additional talents.

  2. @cs

    Yes, I agree with both of your considerations.

    And beyond the specific topic I would underline, that in our time people seem to have forgotten how to accept one's own inferiority, loosing an oportunity with great potential. The best friend I ever had was a person who I have always considered superior in many things. It was a continuous possibility to learn.

    When we are in need, our inferiority is only temporary,and it is a challenge for our spirit.

    Speed's opinion seems to belong to a world of sterile individualism.

  3. Bitter nonsense. He may have been talking about business acquaintances, not friendships. Speed should have applied more of his name to his emotional growth.