Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Improving Digital Recordings

As a former pop music producer and a current musical theatre buff you may assume that I am very critical about digitalized music. I'm not. My son, Stephan, keeps telling me that dvds don't have the warm, full range sound of the former shellac discs which he consequently still prefers. The sound engineers and composers I'm working with insist that I listen to the 24 gigabyte versions instead of the 6 MB mp3s of studio recordings. I do, but I am honest enough that I really can't hear a lot of difference. Nevertheless I do believe the experts. One of them is Neil Young who contends that the mp3 gives us "less than 5 percent of the original recording". He has developed a system he calls PonoMusic as an alternative. On Monday it was announced that Pono is ready to hit the market. If you have better ears than me you may want to check out http://www.mypono.com.

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