Thursday, November 28, 2013

Michael Richards Is Back

There are a few comedians I am really fond of. Woody Allen of course, the late Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon are among them. Since the 90's when I became a fan of Seinfeld I added Michael Richards to that list. Playing the part of Cosmo Kramer Richards proved to be a first class entertainer and actor. He was banned from the screen in 2006 when a clip was placed on Youtube which showed him losing his temper and insulting a guest at a live show. After that he moved away from Los Angeles and didn’t seek work and casting directors did not come after him. He took up photography, did a lot of reading, a lot of writing and traveled a bit. It was not just the incident of 2006 that put him out of work. Because he was so identified with the Seinfeld show probably nobody knew what to do with him. Now the 62 year old comedian will come back to TV, again playing a sidekick to a comic entertainer. This time he’s a chauffeur to Kirstie Alley, playing a woman called Madison Banks. I'm glad he's back.

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